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Introducing the Leaders in Law Webinar Series from Fastcase

Full Court Press, an imprint of Fastcase, today announced a free webinar series in partnership with legal history publisher Twelve Tables Press. The Leaders in Law monthly webinar series will feature interviews with notable attorneys who are advancing civil rights in the United States and across the world.

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>> Click Here to Watch June's Leaders in Law Episode: The Legacy of Lawrence v. Texas.

Leaders in the Law webinars have included:

  • Breaking New Ground, an interview with Judge Thelton Henderson and Richard B. Kuhns on July 29.
  • AILA Presents 35 years later, Jean v. Nelson an interview with Ira Kurzban and Irwin Stotzky in August.
  • The Global #MeToo Movement, an interview with David Oppenheimer and Contributors in September.
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